Monday, 9 May 2011

Come Together

Remember you're a survivor
You're already so strong
You're alive as you are reading this
In this world, you DO belong.

I can't begin to soothe you
For the loss you feel inside
But at least I'll try my very best
Not to perpetuate the lies.

What was done to you was WRONG!
There's no excuse for that
And although you may be angry,
You cannot 'get them back'.

Anger creates anger...
That may be why they hurt you first
They lacked the love inside them
Filled with frustration fit to burst.

You were just a child
And what they taught you wasn't right
But you have a chance to change things
YOU can stop this fight.

If you wish you'd had somebody
Who had known just how to care
Who had understood and listened
And had been more self-aware...

If you wish that when they angered
They had given themselves 'time-out'
That they had shown you other ways to live
Without needing to hit or shout...

Then be like that for others!
Treat everyone with love
Look forward to learning from mistakes
And in pettiness, rise above.

Because you can be the adult
That you wish you'd always had
Treat others as you wish they would you
Show them life isn't that bad.

If we all came together
And promised to try to make this change
We might fall short, but through our talk
We wouldn't feel so estranged.

This is my wish, my dream.....and I live in hope of a brighter future for all.

Contribution post by: Rain girl

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