Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Women are supposed to be weak. We often hear the phase 'Crying like a woman'. Why so? Women are in many ways more stronger than men. A woman takes care of her children, parents, and husband, prepares the food, and can carry a baby in her stomach for 9 months, which is not an easy task.

A girl is always taught from her childhood, that this is not her home, her home is her in-laws' home, and she's taught to adjust for small and even big problems, because of social pressure, what will people say, and all that. So she goes to her husband's home with a mindset, that has been made for her. She's many times molested, severely beaten, and tortured mentally too, sometimes because of dowry. She has a mindset, and she keeps following it, and afraid to take a stand, and sometimes she's so much tortured, that no option is left for her, but to commit suicide. That's because of that mindset, that woman is supposed to be weak, and she must adjust. Woman should realize that she's no way weaker than any man. She must be proud of the fact that she's a woman. She must be strong, and should not tolerate any molestation on her. She must tell anyone who is close to her, preferably in police, who can help her out. She should not end her life because of this.

We must teach our girl child, that she must not tolerate any kind of injustice on her, and if any problem occurs, she must tell her closed ones about it, and her closed ones should not shut her mouth saying that 'log kya kahenge', because what will people say, is immaterial, and is nothing compared to her life. She must not tolerate any injustice; adjustments are done from both sides. Dear woman, be strong, Don't let anyone bring you down. Stand against the domestic violence, and people, stop creating social pressure on women.

Contribution by Rishabh Kohli @rishh_libran

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  1. Great post, I think we should be a part of this great endeavor!