Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Child Abuse

Child abuse means more than physical violence. It includes neglect and mistreatment of children. Child abuse or neglecting your child is far beyond anything you can think of.

In some homes parents who are addicted to drugs you may find pet or even human feces all around the house and even find garbage pilled up all over the floor. Children who witness their parents doing drugs children might not even get to proper meals or medical care they should be getting on regular basis.

Narcotics abuse, which is an problem of roughly 70 % of child abuse cases. Parents who abuse their children have learnt it from their own parents. The parents who were abused when they were children they might not know how to deal with children and may end up being violent with their children when they are angry or frustrated. Violence may include beating children, hitting children with belts , bats etc or they even end up burning the skin of children with cigarettes and even shake a baby which is known as ( shaken baby syndrome)

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