Monday, 7 March 2011

Child safety on the web

If you own a computer at home and you allow your children to use the web on regular basis make sure that you too know how to use the computer if you don't start taking classes how to use computers and the web,start reading books on how to the use and what the web is all about. Start being aware of what's happening on the web and keep an eye on your child that he/ she does not use inappropriate Web sites or chat rooms which they should not use.

Did you know that child molesters use chat rooms on daily basis ?

If you are not aware about what chat rooms are all about its time for you to know about them. If children have access to the web they have access to child molesters. These child molesters try becoming friends with children and promise them good friendship but actually these child molesters are up to some mischief which the children are not aware off because children are innocent.

Take charge of the computer:

> Tell children that they can use the web only for limited time in a day. Give them a time frame that they can use the web only for this amount of time.

> Make sure you keep the computer in the lobby where you can actually keep an eye on your child and see what they are up to and others can use at all. If the computer is in the child's room it gives them privacy and they always end up doing things they are not suppose to.

> Start educating or making your child aware that the web is an excellent source for information but they are not allowed to use some inappropriate sites.

> Make sure you have told your child about the law enforcement agency that if someone has asked your child to meet them alone or they try to have sexual conversations your child should save the chat conversations for review by law enforcement. The law enforcement shall start investigating 

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