Saturday, 12 March 2011

How to recognize and prevent child abuse.

Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones. Physical abuse has more visible signs than other types of abuse like child neglect , emotional abuse and scars which may remain for a long time.

Lots of children have become victims of abuse and have already gone through alot and something really needs to be done to stop this menace lets work together and make a difference and make it a safer place for children as well as the future generations.

Children are innocent and they become easy targets for the abusers because the abusers know how to emotionally black mail them and make use of them. Never leave your child unattened always take them with you wherever you may go. The abusers tend to take advantage of the situation and kidnap your child or even harm them in some way or the other. In most cases, children are found to be abused by someone they may know. If your child comes up to you and informs you that he/ she has been abused in some form or the other never ignore it get something done instead before its too late.

Ignoring a child's needs , putting them in dangerous situations, making them feel they are not worth it , making them feel they are stupid and they do not know anything is also known as child abuse.

Always try to fulfill your child's needs never make them feel they are worthless etc. Your child needs your love , care and support always be there for them no matter what.

Lets make a difference and make this planet a safer place for the children and the future generations.

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