Monday, 14 March 2011

Spousal Assault

Spousal assault is also known as domestic violence. Spousal assault also involves violence between people staying under one roof. It is mostly committed by men towards women. Female victims of such violence are emotionally or financially attached or dependent on the abusers.

In last few years domestic violence has increased as time went by and has become so common these days. Violence occurs within a home- away from witnesses which makes arrest and prosecution very difficult. Arrest and prosecution is only possible if someone from the house or someone near by comes to know about it and makes a complain against the abuser.

Most domestic violence don't involve serious injuries, a sentence for spousal assault involves arrest for some time and probation along with requirements to complete management training along with drugs and alcohol treatment. Sometimes a victim of spousal assault can be seriously injured due the way they have been assaulted. The offenders may have to be in custody for one year to ten years or may be even more.

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