Friday, 4 March 2011

Women's Day

Women's Day? Huh!

This is an era of celebrating days. Shedding off major chunk our responsibility towards certain endangered but important practices by celebrating a day or a week. Or may be commemorating something exactly opposite that has a social death.

So how does one go on celebrating a women's day:

1) Fighting for women emancipation on atleast that day?

2) Respecting women a little more that day?

3) Respecting women atleast on that day?

4) Pledge not to look at ongoing women's bodies on roads?

5) Pledging not to hit women in busy markets and streets?

6) Pledging not to molest girls in lonely places?

7) Pledging not to stare and stalk college going girls till they feel completely harassed?

8) Pledging not to kill a girl foetus?

9) Pledging not to rape a girl and not to ruin her life atleast on that day?

I think these rapes and molestations and female foeticide will go so common in future that govt. will have to announce:


'Molestation free days'

-'Rape free weeks'

-'Special season's bonus to "non-rapists"

-'Financial help to families with two or more girl children alive

 What have we become? Animals?



For those not 'confined to home after dark', those working late, those working in isolation, those walking on roads, those travelling in public transport, one can really see in their eyes :
-the terror of being followed, always alerted state, fear of encountering some bad guy, fear of strangers and of something unknown, an incident ruining a day or two, broken life after the heinous act . . .

And what can we do, just feel ashamed!

May be

May be all that becomes a habit for them, habit of being ridiculed, may be they get used to those one-liners and acts they experience everyday, everywhere. Don't know, never dared to ask anyone, have you?

Contribution post by: Varun Sayal @vsa2

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