Sunday, 6 March 2011

Prevent Rape

Rape is about power, control and anger.


-> Rape is a act of violence. It is an attempt to control using sex as a weapon.

-> Rape can happen to anyone- children , women , rich or poor and even men to some extend.

-> Rapist can turn out to be anyone you may know- classmates , co - workers , neighbors , relatives etc.

Remember: - 

-> To be alert at all times.

-> Be aware of the surroundings and know what's going on around you.

-> Don't let alcohol or other drugs take over your judgement.

-> If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy in a situation leave right away.

What to do indoors:- 

-> Make sure all doors are locked and even sliding glass doors if you have any at home.

-> Install a peephole in the door so that you can see who is at the door before letting them in.

-> Never open the door to strangers.

-> Remember to check identification of the sales man or service people.

-> Make emergency calls if needed while someone waits outside.

-> Start knowing who your neighbours are so that you can call them incase of any emergency or if you are scared.

What to do outdoors: - 

-> Avoid walking alone in dark areas.

-> Stay in well lighted areas.

-> if someone stops their car to ask directions keep walking or if you decide to respond make sure you are standing at a distance from the car.

-> Keep your keys ready before you reach home, your car or your work place.

-> If you feel you are being followed by someone change our direction and go into a restaurant or any place where other people around.

If you know someone who is victim of rape: 

-> Believe them
-> Don't blame the victim.
-> Offer support, patience, help the victim of rape work through the crisis, heal.


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  2. Thanks for writing this. I think I will share it on FB.

  3. I once saved myself from a rape be wearing satitary protection. The guy thought I had my monthly bleeding.:)