Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Everyone is Responsible

Every One Is Responsible To Look Over, Protect And Care For The Children Of This World. Child Abuse Appears To Have Become So Common Place That Some Believe It Is A Futile Effort To Attempt To Stop It.

I Reject That Thought.

My Main Focus Is On What Appears To Be A Growing Epidemic. There Are A Growing Number Of Horrific Cases Of Abuse In Households That Have Previous Reports Of Abuse. Over And Over Again News Stories Are Reported Of Children Murdered, Raped, Sold For Prostitution Or Tortured That Somehow Continue In Communities Across The Country And The World.

Reports Of Abuse Get Investigated, Filed And These Children Still Suffer At The Hands Of Their Abusers. Neighbors, Friends And Family Members Do Not Take The Appropriate Action And Get Involved. We Must Do Better. Not Only For The Pure Humanitarian Purpose Of Protecting These Children, But Also For The Social Purpose. We Can Not Allow Our Cultures To Continue To Deteriorate Into An Apathetic Society.

Contribution by Steve Cosentino @helpspreadthis

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