Monday, 11 July 2011

Child Abuse

Its is not always easy to identify when a child has been abused.Children who go through the trauma of child abuse are mistreated and are often afraid to tell anyone, because they think if they tell someone no one will believe them. Children who are abused remain silent because the person who has abused them is someone they love. Parents at times tend to overlook the signs and symptoms of their child being abused because they don't want to face the truth and this is a very big mistake. A child who has been abused needs support and help to over come the trauma as soon as possible. The longer the abuse continues and if the child is left alone to deal with the longer it will for the child to over come the trauma. Parents should be alert about the change in their child's behavior.

If your child comes up to you and informs you that he/ she has been abused in some form or the other never ignore it get something done instead before its too late.

Ignoring a child's needs , putting them in dangerous situations, making them feel they are not worth it , making them feel they are stupid and they do not know anything is also known as child abuse.

Always try to fulfill your child's needs never make them feel they are worthless etc. Your child needs your love , care and support always be there for them no matter what.

Lets make a difference and make this planet a safer place for the children and the future generations.

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