Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is faced by women , girls and children every day. There are different types of sexual violence faced by the victims in schools, at work, doctor's surgeries etc.

What is sexual assualt?

Sexual assault is a crime in which there is unwanted touching or forced sexual contact with another person, from touching you to someone forcing you to have sexual contact with them against your will.

Acts of indecency and indecent assault

Sexual assault is grouped into different types of groups of offences, they are :

* Acts of indecency : Where the person shows his genitals and masturbates in public.

* Indecent assualt : Where he touches you indecently, for example your breast or genitals or anus or makes you touch his genitals.

Aggravated sexual assualt :

Person may be charged with more serious offence of aggravated sexual assault if :

* he physically hurts you during a sexual assualt

* you are under 16

* he uses a weapon

* you have a serve disability

* he is someone in authority

These are aggravating factors.

Child sexual assault and incest

It is against the law for an adult to have sex with someone under 16. This is called child sexual assualt.

It is against to have sexual contact with his mother, sister, daughter or granddaughter, whatever her age, This crime is called incest.

Sexual assault within marriage

This is a crime. A man does not have an automatic right to have sex with his wife ( partner ). If he does it without her consent, he can be charged with sexual assault, even though she has been willing to have sex with him at other times.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can be whistles , unwanted comments , threats , verbal abuse or unwanted exposure to sexual material.

Why rapist do it?

* Sexual assault is used to intimidate the victim. It gives the man power over her.

* Some men think women and children belong to them, so they have to abuse them.

Remember :

* Sexual assault is always the offender's fault, never the victim's.

* Sexual assault is not uncommon. It is a crime experienced by many women, children and some men.

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